Monday, August 31, 2009

Johnny Cash - I Hear the Train a Coming

Well folks, that thunder and roar the administration and Congress is beginning to hear is the Train of Taxpaying Voters, made up of folks sick and tired of an out of control government headed by a "White Collar" terrorist that won't even show his own birth certificate or college records and has an admitted communist on his staff. The rest of his sick administration is led by people that admittedly for years have wanted to destroy OUR country.

Personally I don't care what belief or practice a person has, but he or she(Reid,Pelosi, Boxer or Feinstein) are not going to force their unpatriotic views on me. They can take their Chicago Slim Ball leader and move to another country and practice whatever beliefs they want but we can't let them destroy OUR country and the second greatest document ever written OUR Constitution.

Some people would have us believe that the Constitution is a "living" document. No it is NOT, I've never seen it take a breath, wink or use the bathroom. It is a corner stone written in ink that spells out how OUR country should operate and if we want to change it how WE can change it. Obama OUR country and OUR Constitution are NOT yours to change, did you hear me? ONLY the people, as in "We the People. . . ." do you hear us? Do you hear the "train a coming"?

I have yet to find:

Where OUR US representatives and senators are given privileges like their own health care, their own retirement plan. Therefore, we should MAKE OUR representatives live under the same rules and laws they want us to, NO exceptions! If they don't want to do this then vote them OUT and let them know it is coming!

Where in OUR Constitution does it say a narcissistic anti-American politician wanting to take over the world by freely giving out classified information to OUR country's enemies can appoint and establish Czars?

I can't find a place in OUR Constitution that says the same person referenced above has the right or power to establish a National Security Force already funded by 500 billion of your dollars.

This is SICK or you going to continue to let this happen? We need to as voters get each of OUR representatives by the neck and whisper in their individual ears that their free ride in OUR capital is over if they, as my dad use to say, "don't straighten up and fly right." OUR representatives must hear loud and clear the train coming 'round the bend and loaded with tax paying voters is going to take back OUR country vocally and by voting weak, uncaring, scum out of office.

Am I upset, no question about it and so are many other folks across the nation and we're about to do something about it in the voting booths across the nation in 2010 and OUR train is going to really be rolling in 2012. We'll make it through, then it is my vision of trying the scum and the entire administration for treason. Why? Because they have put you, your family, friends and my family and me in perilous danger by their actions of give classified information to OUR county's enemies or maybe I should say their brothers. By the way it does define in OUR Constitution what treason is and how it should be dealt with!

God Bless OUR country and our wonderful citizens, as we start the TRAIN a Rolling to take back OUR country.


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